This module defines exception class for errors that it detects in the configuration of the stack or in encoding and decoding PDUs. All of these exceptions are derived from ValueError from the built-in exceptions module.


class errors.ConfigurationError

This error is raised when there are required components that are missing or defined incorrectly. Many components, such as instances of comm.Client and comm.Server, are required to be bound together in specific ways.

class errors.EncodingError

This error is raised while PDU data is being encoded, which typically means while some structured data is being turned into an octet stream or some other simpler structure. There may be limitations of the values being encoded.

class errors.DecodingError

This error is raised while PDU data is being decoded, which typically means some unstructured data like an octet stream is being turned into structured data. There may be values in the pdu being decoded that are not appropriate, or not enough data such as a truncated packet.